DAGLI Law and Consultancy,

Also have all facilities to give efficient and rapid service around the World for satisfy international needs of the clients by favour of premium international law firms.

Our Firm,

Is a fully independent international law firm that established sustained relationships with world's leading sector-specific law firms. Besides, DAGLI Law and Consultancy is able to service with the UK based business partner law firms which operate world-embracing services.

This independence, close link with international firms and value owned by the DAGLI Law and Consultancy; secure the choose of best international business partner then gain advantage and flexibility for provide high-end service with optimum conditions to our Clients.

We provide legal consultancy and attorneyship services to foreigners or Turks living abroad like; Divorce Suits, Recognition and Enforcement Suits, Inheritance Cases, Acquisition Agreements, Company Merger (Amalgamation of Business), Short or Long Term Commercial Agreements.

DAGLI Law and Consultancy provide consulting service to Turkish citizens who wants to work / do business abroad and foreign residents in Turkey as import-export consultant for optimisation between the conditions of company and international treaties of concerned authority/state.

In addition our law firm provides legal support service to entrepreneurs who want to apply to ECAA  - European Community Association Agreement (also known as Ankara Agreement) for doing business and get residence permit in the UK.

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