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DAGLI Law and Consultancy is a Network of leading independent Law Firms from İstanbul, Ankara İzmir, Ankara which are all active in similar business areas, serve comparable sectors, share common standards, expertise & scope with long-standing experience in rendering joint services and which have come together with the principles of creating integrated services on certain occasions. Law Firms within this Network generate an integrated service to clients who need legal counsel and/or attorney, by the network’s effective co-operation in different geographical regions.

In accordance with current Regulations related to Legal Profession in Turkey, DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firms’ Network has no independent legal entity. All the Law Firms in the network have their own legal and professional identities continuing their individual and independent operations before their respective Bars & Tax authorities, -as stated in the Regulations related to Legal Profession.

Among these operationally and legally individual law firms which are independently registered to their own Bar Associations and have their own Tax Records, DAGLI Law and Consultancy has no co-partnership, unincorporated association, liason office, income/profit sharing or other legal, financial or any variety of relationship and connection except the collaboration defined herein. All these law firms in the Network operate their independent business relationships, exclusively. Each of these independent law Offices has legal, financial, tax and professional responsibility connected to its own team, clients, team and services exclusively rendered by them. Other law firms within the DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firms’ Network or The Network itself do not have any further or joint responsibility and connection with the actions of each independent firm or lawyer.

The attorneys and other names listed in this web page as the members of the team, practice individually and only in their independent law offices where they are registered to the Bar and are gathered under the same list in order to render the capacity of the integrated services and collaboration of The DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firms’ Network mentioned above. These lawyers and people operate only in their city and Office where they are registered to the Bar, as they can not practice in different cities at the same time individually and/or professionally in any form. To be a part of in the same list on this web site does not mean or imply for the attorneys-at-law to have a practice in more than one city individually or as an Office or unified Firm. Furthermore , these operatives can never be subject to business, service, employment, employee-employer, partnership relationship; no legal, fiscal, tax or financial connection with other offices outside DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firms’ Network in the cities where they are affiliated to their Bars is present.

As explained above DAGLI Law and Consultancy described in this web page, does not solely consist of DAGLI Law and Consultancy Law Office registered to Antalya Bar, but defines the general name of the Network of the law firms addressed in this text, including the original Ibrahim DAGLI Law Office located in Antalya. In this respect, although all the legal rights concerning this web page can be exercised by Ibrahim DAGLI Law Office in Antalya/Turkey without any reserve or limitation, the liability of Ibrahim DAGLI Law Office that will arise from this web site is, limited to direct activities and Professional practices of itself and its team .

Ibrahim DAGLI Law Office in Antalya does not participate to the liability of any lawyer or any law firm taking part in DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firms’ Network and does not undertake any liability within this framework.