avukat ibrahim dağlı

Founding Lawyer

Ibrahim DAGLI, LL.M.

Lawyer Ibrahim Dagli graduated from LL.M. International Commercial Law programme of Bournemouth University (Bussiness School) in the UK. Ibrahim Dagli participated in different law firms and legal consultancy departments of international firms in London, Izmir and Antalya. Whereafter he founded the DAGLI Law and Consultancy Firm and already services attorneyship and consultancy to foreign based companies and his local clients.

e-mail: ibrahim@daglilegal.com

Solution Oriented Expert Team


Ahmed Mahdi Abubakar

Lawyer (Nigeria Office)

Bournemouth University

LL.M. at International Commercial Law

e-mail: nigeria@daglilegal.com

Zeliha GÜNER

Zeliha Güner

Secretary and Office Management

Antalya Bar VTAHS


Serdar Tasdoken

Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

BournemouthUniversity, LL.M. International Taxation Law

e-mail: serdar.tasdoken@denklemymm.com

41531 (18)-h

Sevde Sena Dagli

Lawyer (Istanbul Office)

Istanbul Commerce University

LL.M. at Private Law

e-mail: sena@daglilegal.com


Ebru Nur Cinar


Akdeniz University

Law Faculty

e-mail: ebru@daglilegal.com


Fatma Nur Ekici

Secretary and Office Management

Akdeniz University

Legal Secretary and Office Management

e-mail: mesure@daglilegal.com

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